State Wildlife Areas & Parks

Sedgwick Bar State Wildlife Area (SWA)

Sedgwick Bar State Wildlife Area is 15 miles west of Julesburg. It offers 885 acres for hunting and recreation.  There are no facilities and camping is prohibited.

Sand Draw SWA

Sand Draw SWA  is 10 miles south of Julesburg on Highway 385. It offers 209 acres for hunting and recreation. There are no facilities and camping is prohibited. The Area is restricted to youth hunters.

Julesburg and Pony Express SWA’s 

Julesburg and Pony Express SWA’s are ½ mile south from Ovid on CR 28.7 to CR 28; four units are located between CR 29 and U.S. Highway 138, in the middle of the Byway’s loop along the South Platte River. With four units and several acres it offers hunting, and recreation. There are no facilities and camping is prohibited. One area off Highway 138 contains land for the Lion’s Park which is leased by the Lion’s Club.

Jumbo Reservoir 

Jumbo Reservoir (sometimes called, Julesburg Reservoir) Approximately 6 miles west of the Town of Sedgwick. It offers 1703 areas for hunting, fishing, camping, wildlife viewing, photography, horseback riding, swimming, and boating during the summer months with restrictions during hunting season, water skiing is allowed with some time and date restrictions. There are rest room facilities, drinking water, boat ramp, and camping is allowed.

Jumbo Reservoir is the best known birding location in Sedgwick County to view a variety of permanent and migratory waterfowl, shorebirds, hawks, golden and bald eagles and owls.  Bird watchers will find a variety of species throughout the region, particularly as eastern and western songbirds overlap territories.

Other Recreational Parks & Locations:

Railroad Park located just east of the Depot Museum on 1st Street, Julesburg, offers picnicking, pavilion and shaded benches to enjoy while watching Union Pacific trains.

Thompson Park located at 400 4th Street, Julesburg, offers a large open green grass area, restrooms, playground equipment and a pavilion covering picnic tables.

Mini Park located at Pine and 2nd Streets, Julesburg, offers flower beds, which are maintained by the Julesburg Garden Club.

Meline Park (aka Swimming Pool Park) located at 300 E. Eighth Street, Julesburg, offers a ball field, playground equipment, green grass space, and a municipal outdoor swimming pool.

DePoorter Lake located at US 138 just south of Julesburg, offers fishing, restrooms and a wheelchair accessible pathway around the lake. This small lake is a popular summer evening escape along the trail. It is owned and managed by the Town of Julesburg and stocked with fish on a regular basis.

Lion’s Park located west off Highway 138 and south of the Platte River, Julesburg. Land for the park is leased by the Lion’s Club from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). Offering picnicking, hiking trails, hunting, and wildlife observation.

Ovid Town Park located at Main and Morgan Streets, offers a playground, basketball court, open grass area, large covered picnic, horseshoe pits, and “Dinky” a small Great Western sugar refinery locomotive on permanent display.

Sedgwick Town Park, also called, Centennial Park is located in Sedgwick and offers a block of green grass and picnic tables.